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if popup windows don't suit your fancy, how about some javascript alert boxes? ") you can find free html and javascript code all over the place to do pretty much whatever you want. html) or even send it over an instant message haha. again, sp2 is really weird with javascript; we'll talk a little more about it later. open(url,",'fullscreen=yes,scrollbars=auto'); } this basically opens ie in full screen mode, with the toolbars hidden.

System restore is easy enough… go to: start > all programs > accessories > system tools > system restore check the radio button to create a system restore point, and follow the instructions. please note while you're here that you also have the option to restore your computer from a previously saved restore point, should the need ever arise. 5. if you're suspicious of something, run a scan for viruses and hidden programs. your computer should have come with some type of anti-virus software already installed, more than likely with a free "trial period" before you may need to make some sort of investment to keep current.

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