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7. and F:C 8 Theorem. e. of the General that for any Banach CeX = CeX 0. A(S,X) duality that the functors fact. = A(S,X)/I(8). for any E>0, = exp(E(z-e)2)f(z) the function A0(S,X) 41 is in A0(S,X), f~(e) | = f'(O)). 8. that shows in the COX = CoX° that 5X is Bergh-L~fstr~m Lemma. result follows dense (Calderon) Let X 5X Lemma. the CoX. e. that to show that where = exp(z2)f(z), exp(-(k+it)2)g(k+it) = f(k+it) is also in use a Fourier transform argument to obtain this result. 0 X k. We shall Thus, we 0 • x ~ i, ^g(x,~) g lemma may involved.

Xi= setting, In p a r t i c u l a r , J(gi,q,A), 0 < ~ < I, we have = 2(8,q,A), in our the 0 • 9 i ~ i, CHAPTER III THE COMPLEX I. The General Duality The c l a s s i c a l the present our method setting, form in of works that to and the the of complex method Calderon setting. that in Chapter operations are commutative. the Chapter to the that the of extends duality theorem. 2 the n o t a t i o n diagram ~0 in the o p e r a t i o n into a B a n a c h X. , the given the most with this I we to doolittle we l a y for the d o o l i t t l e B1 contrast section of " r e g u l a r i z i n g " In particular, In method category theorem was [4].

L e m m a of inter- as follows. Proposition. ukeAX, and proposition. 2. holds by continuity is s h o w i n g polation" estimate llxIIj(O,q,~ )" such (i) Let xeZ~. Then there exists e sequence {Uk}keZ, that j(2k,uk ) • 4K(2k,x) and m (ii) for IIx-j( • min(1,2-m)K(2m,x) + min(1,2-n)K(2n,x), n < 0 < m. 3. proving this Remark. min(1 by a helpful A simple (i) to the study of state the a corollary J- end K- which methods. remark. 2 (iii), or t ~ ® x • K(O,q,X), since for if t > i. in the 1 • q • =. xeAX, 28 J(l,x) = llxll.

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