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By Dennis Maloney, J. P. Seaton

New translations from chinese language Zen poets

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My long-distance lette r Wasn't sealed and sen t When, by wing of wild geese , Another arrived from you . Frozen earth stunt s Border trees ; the pure heavens Break up sickly clouds . Over limitless distanc e Your heart watches ; at eas e In the South Palace, your lette r Brilliant as brocade . Grieving for Hul Chung Zen Master Chien Chang A frosty bel l Anxiously overrides the waterclock ; Grieving together, Dense sorrow dawns . Guests from the coas t Exchange his enlightened poems ; Monks from these woods Describe his bearing while ill .

I have been behind their stage And seen with my own eyes. Then I discovered the audience , All their excitement completely controlled , Fooled by the puppets the livelong day , Tricked into tossing their wealth away . IV . Luck is hard to find when you're down and out , And easy to lose once you've got it . Pleasure is what we need after pain , But pleasure, then, gives birth to greed . I know neither pleasure nor pain , I am neither enlightened nor dim . I am not attached to Future, Past, or Now , Nor do I try to transcend them .

When they fall, Chants poetry alone . In the empty courtyar d Precious grasses grow . Under dim tree s Immortal birds call . For three years I haven ' t seen yo u Humble regre t Fills my empty heart . Finally When the Autumn Moon's bright, tea+ 96 R-. HSi ChoU (fl late 10th centurv) Theme on the Officials' Rest Pavillion , Wu-Tang Prefectur e This prefectural pavillio n Is called Officials' Retreat ; her e Leisure itself commissions, sir , The heart . Roll up the scree n You know a guest has come ; Birds stay the night , A dangling lamp shows where .

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