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We (Conjunct Order, Primary S~ffrxes); 3. Skl [umbusk] medicine [Source: Diary 1] umki- verb (um·'ki-) /:mki-1 [umki-] get up [Source: Diary 1] -umobudic pronominal suffix (-u·mo·bu·dic) 1-:moh:xlic/ [-u~uhuditch] let them (Imperative Order Transitive Inanimate) [Source: D1ary 2] umsqui noun (um·'squi) /:mskwil [umsque] blood [Source: Diary I] -umudu b pronominal suffix (-u·'mu·dub) 1-:m~:xl:Jhl [-ermuduh] let us (Imperative Order Transitive Inanimate) [Source: Diary 2] . -umuk pronominal suffiX (-u·muk') 1-:m:Jk/ [-ermuk] you all (Imperatzve Order Transitive Inanimate) [Source: Diary 2] -un pronominal suffix (-un) 1-:Jnl [-un] you (Conjunct Order, Primary Suffixes) [Source: Diary I, Diary 2] 54 55 -unc pronominal suffix (-unc) 1-:Jnc/ [-unch] Jet her/him/it (Imperative Order Transitive Animate) [Source: Diary 1, Diary 2] unday particle (un·day') I:Jnday!

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