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Анализ возможных вариантов развития торговли США и Советской России. Что выгодно продавать и покупать, чем может расплачиваться Россия. Аналитично, практично и цинично.

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Tchaikovsky, the veteran leader of the Party of People's Socialists and former head of the Archangel Government, also participated in the Conference. ) can never recognize any despotism as a legal authority, particularly the Bolshevist tyranny, which repudiates the most elemen- After tary principles of popular rule and civil liberties, which leans only upon the brute force of bayonets and ruthless terror, destroying systematically the economic structure of the country and striving to set up an economic system based upon compulsory 30 Appendix to labor of enslaved workers and peasants.

Violated their agreement in the matter of trade with the CooperaThey sent the representatives of the Cooperatives to the tives. United States and to England and France to arrange for the resumption of trade with Russia through the medium of the Cooperatives. On Jan. 16, 1920, the Supreme Economic Council of the League of Nations agreed to resume trade with Russia through the Cooperatives, but the Soviet Government refused to permit it, insisting upon recognition as a condition sine qua non. On Aug.

The Conference was attended by prominent all Among Russian democratic factions opposed to the leaders of the Constitutional-Democratic Party there were present Paul N. Miliukov, former Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Russian Provisional Government; A. I. Konovalov, one of the leaders of the Russian industry and former Minister of Trade and Industry in the Provisional Government, and M. M. Vinaver, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Constitutional-Democratic Party. Among the leaders of the Social Revolutionary Party there were present A.

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