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As you know, I’m a firm believer in being cautious with magic, and we try to impart that to all our witchlings. We were singularly unsuccessful with Amelia. ” Taking unnecessary risks with magic was anathema to most witches. ” Moira’s eyes were sad again. “But accidentally—yes. She was reckless, and she could easily have brought harm to herself or others. We’d hoped that would temper over time. ” Sophie closed her eyes and tried not to judge. It was exceedingly hard, especially if a child had been left orphaned as a result.

He nodded. ” It really was—he wanted only the best for his brother, even if it seriously cut into their cross-country motorcycle trips. Nell pulled her car up to the curb. ” He grinned. ” He almost made it out of the car before three nieces landed in his lap. ” Mia giggled. “It’s Saturday, silly. ” He wiggled his fingers. “Master coder, ready for action. ” Laughing hands tugged him toward the house. Time to shake the rust off his coding skills, preferably before his nieces figured out he was badly out of practice.

But wait—there were more presents too. She dove for the box on the bed, yanking lime-green paper off the first package. Holy cats. She touched the iPhone with reverence. No freaking way. Foster-parent budgets had never extended to a cell phone, and this was the coolest phone ever. The next package was a little bigger and contained a small photo album. Sierra opened it, puzzled, and found a picture of three identical girls, with a note written in purple, glittery pen. Dear Sierra—here are pictures of some of the people you’ll meet in Berkeley.

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