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Studies in the Philosophy of Kierkegaard

During this quantity, i've got given realization to what I deliberate to be many of the principal difficulties and themes within the philosophical considered SjiSren Kierkegaard. the various chapters were formerly put up­ ed yet have been revised for his or her visual appeal right here. Others have been written expressly for this e-book. i've got attempted to target matters that have now not been as a rule handled or emphasised within the scholarship on Kierkegaard aside from the writings of David Swenson and Paul L.

Resonant X-Ray Scattering in Correlated Systems

The examine and its results provided this is dedicated to using x-ray scattering to check correlated electron platforms and magnetism. varied x-ray established tools are supplied to research 3 dimensional electron platforms and the constitution of transition-metal oxides. ultimately the commentary of multipole orderings with x-ray diffraction is proven.

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50 guilders BOOKS OF THE 16TH CENTURY 39 villa, J. Cromberger, 1530-51. 4 vol. Av. titres dans des bordures xylograph et des initiales, gray. s. bois, dans Ie texte. fo1. veau ecaillb. Edition rarissime, inconnue a Brunet et dont Salva ne deClit que Ie premier volume, Ie seul qu'il possedait. L'ex. que nous offrons porte comme date: T. I. 1537; T. II. 1530; T. III. 1551 et T. IV. 1531. C'est donc probable, que les vol. sont de tirages differents, quoique absolume••• 'pareils dans l'execution typograph.

50 guilders BOOKS OF THE 16TH CENTURY stratibus, civilibusque, ac militaribus officiis. Acc. descriptio urbis Romae et urbis Constantinopolitanae .... , Froben, 1552. Av. de nombr. grav. s. a. C. S. ), an c i e nne men t color i e e s. Premiere edition complete, tres rare, de cet almanach officiel curieux del'empire romain, compile par un anonyme avant l'annee 408, qui traite tous les fonctionnaires de l'empire dans toutes les parties du monde, en representant en meme temps par de belles et curieuses gravures les differ.

X, pl. 290-383: History of the Netherlands and other countries, 1587-1611. In such completeness nearly unique. Of the XIth or last series: Varia on European history, our copy contains the following nrs. after Muller: 385,399,400,407,408, 41(}-419, 425-429, 433,435,436,439,462 (together 24 engravings). 75. Holbein. - Historiarum veteris instrumenti icones ad viuum expressae, vna cum brevi, sed quoad fieri potuit, dilucida earundem expositione. Ymagines delas historias del viejo testamento al viuo exprimidas & representadas, juntamente con vna breve declaracion dellas quanto pudo fer.

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