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By H. Over (auth.), H.P. Bonzel (eds.)

Surface technological know-how is known as a comparatively younger clinical self-discipline, concerned about the actual and chemical houses of phenomena on fresh and lined reliable surfaces, studied below a number of stipulations. The adsorption of atoms and molecules on stable surfaces is, for instance, this kind of situation, attached with kind of drastic adjustments of all floor houses. An adsorption occasion is often saw in nature and located to be of technical value in lots of business procedures. hence, floor technology is interdisciplinary via its very nature, and as such a major middleman among basic and utilized research.

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18 Ǻ 4-fold ----3-fold trough 85T1/LEED 75V1/LEED 01Y1/LEED 93J1/STM 98D1, 01T1/PhD 93J1/STM 99O1/XPD 86R1/DLEED 98O2/EELFS 89B1, 89R2/TOFSARS 89M1/LEIS 91M2/STM O disordered in 2nd layer, MR 3-fold or 4-fold hollow, MR Landolt-Börnstein New Series III/42A4 Ref. p. /Method 95W1/LEED 01J1/DFT 95W2/LEED 01J1/DFT 97W1/LEED Remarks: a) Clock reconstruction type 1 (black) and type 2 (white) according to 99A1 b) In general, DFT slab calculations are more reliable than Cluster calculations concerning the atomic geometries.

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