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By Brazil) Congress of Logic Applied to Technology 2002 (Sao Paulo, Joao Inacio Da Silva Filho, Jair Minoro Abe

Common sense (both Classical and Non-Classical) is being more and more comparable with different fields in virtually each clinical self-discipline and human job. during this quantity we have now emphasised its function within the following fields of technology: synthetic Intelligence, Robotics, Informatics usually, know-how, and correlated issues. The papers are written via the most favourite scientists of this day.

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On the Relation Between Vector Annotated Logic Programs and Defeasible Theories. D. : Existence and Description in Formal Logic, in Bertrand Russell Philosopher of the Century(Schoenman,R. ). George Allen and Unwin Co. (1967) [14] Suzuki,A. K. : A Mechanical Theorem Proving of First-Order Modal Logic(SS). Trans. C. and Lambert K. : On Free Description Theory. Zeitschrift fur Mathematichen Logik und Grundlangen der Mathematik. 13 (1967) [16] Wang,H. : Logic of Many-Sorted Theories. Journal of symbolic Logic.

The main purpose of this work is the development of a computer tool to help operators during restoration task of power substations and distribution systems. The restoration of power system normal configuration after a fault, or even a blackout, is performed by intervention of a human operator. Considering the growing complexity in the arrangement of substations and power distribution systems, and the probability of human failure, the time spent in the execution of the restoration actions is larger and has to be optimized.

T m , 22 K. Nakamatsu cmd A. Suzuki / Automated Theorem Proving (i) if none of tl, . . , tm contains a term of the form LXiA, (i) let P(ix il >li(xi 1 ),. ,ixlniAm(xlm)) stand for P(t1,. tm). where ix^A^x^) ..... LX im^m(xim} are all outermost descriptions occurring in tl ..... tm left to right. then where each ij(l < j < m) is one of 1. . , n ; 6. let A and B be any formulas, (~ A)* =~ A*. ) -+ A*)(i = 1, . . , n). (A -> b}* = A* -> B*. 2 From FDn to SEn Given a FDn-model M =< Glt . .

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