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He showed a linear relationship between caloric intake and change in body weight in the two experiments. The slopes are indeed steep, but as he pointed out the changes are small. The scale on the abscissa is multiples of 1000 kcal intake independent of duration of overfeeding while that on the ordinate is in multiples of 100 g. The still-unresolved question is whether compensatory mechanisms were operative over and above the effect of change in lean body mass, in the effort needed to move the increased weight, and in the obligatory costs of metabolizing the various substrates derived from the food.

The response to graded infusions of norepinephrine was unaffected by overfeeding. Overfeeding caused a minimal increase in plasma concentrations of norepinephrine. Finally, the thermic response to graded bicycle exercise was unaltered by over- or underfeeding. In an important study, O’Dea et al. (1982) applied kinetic studies of norepinephrine to man. They measured both appearance and clearance of norepinephrine by infusion of tritiated norepinephrine in six subjects given low-caloric, weight-maintaining, or high-caloric mixed diets for 10-day periods.

1980) at Cambridge, England, using a whole-body calorimeter to study the effect of a single day of overfeeding. 2 ? 14% between two measures of 24-hour expenditure. Two subjects were outliers. Again, the individual subjects had very wide variation in response. Mean expenditure for the group of eight subjects increased 10% on overfeeding 1300 kcal and decreased 6% on underfeeding by 1100 kcal with a mixed diet. The increase on overfeeding was relatively greatest at night, and the resting metabolic rate remained elevated 12% for 14 hours.

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