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Zinoviev's dual topics are the character of Soviet communist society and the West's lack of ability to appreciate it. it's the objective of this publication to track the improvement of his considering through a chronological research of his most crucial works.

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It is distinguished by the following characteristies: (a) brevity; (b) clarity; (c) logical well-formedness; (d) completeness; (e) humour (although not always); (f) a remarkably restricted lexis; (g) the presence of a title. A Zinoviev 29 30 Prolegomena 'work' is therefore a given number of 'texts' with a corresponding number of titles. Ziiaiushchie vysoty (The Yawning Heights) , for example, can be seen as a 'co11ection' or 'compendium' of six hundred texts, Zheltyi dom (The Madhouse) as a compendium of eight hundred and twenty-four, and so on.

In 1981 he published another collection of lectures and interviews under the title My i zapad (We and the West) and Kommunizm kak real'nost' (The Reality 01 Communism), a collection of theoretical essays on the nature of Communism. Two more books appeared in 1982 and another two in 1983. One appeared in 1984. No less than twelve appeared between 1985 and 1991. More books are in the pipeline. There has also been a play and many articles, lectures and interviews. In addition he has continued with his painting and drawing and has had exhibitions in Geneva, Lausanne and Milan.

ZINOVIEV'S USE OF WORDS 5 We have noted above that Zinoviev's lexical range is restricted compared with most writers of 'beIles lettres', yet it is also true that he uses many words which are not to be found in any dictionary. This point is perhaps best illustrated with reference to Ziiaiushchie vysoty. The setting for the novel is Ibansk, a fictitious territory which sounds, nevertheless, Slavic, mainly because of the -nsk ending (cf. Briansk, Minsk). The apparently innocuous Iba-, however, is in any Russian's mind immediately associated with eba(pronounced iba-) , which is the stern of the Russian verb ebat' (to fuck).

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