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By Ethan Casey

Casey updates his realizing of the Pakistan adventure and units it inside of a context of modern and modern historical past. He humanises household politics, attitudes in the direction of the West and India in addition to the Kashmir and Afghanistan matters. His literary reportage demystifies the uneasy position Pakistan occupies in an doubtful global.

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I belonged to Jamaat-i-Islami of J & K. When India became independent from British, there was some status disputed. In disputed status was Kashmir also. According to UN resolution and leaders of India, they promised to people that we will give independence to Kashmir. ’ 32 Pakistan Book 21/7/04 5:52 pm Page 33 VESTIGES AND RUINS I asked if he would be satisfied with elections. ‘We have had many elections, from 1972 to 1986,’ he said. I asked what, precisely, he was fighting for. ‘We want here Islamic regime based on principles of Quran, which alone can lead mankind to happiness and prosperity,’ he said.

India will break. As sure as I am talking to you. India is a crowd. It’s a hell of a job to keep a crowd together. ’ Ninety-year-old Mohammed Iqbal Chapri, who had owned houseboats during many years of boom time and had been a leader of an association of houseboat owners, spoke in full sentences, like a lecturer. His eyes were pale, glazed over, like a blind man’s. ‘I have seen so many imprisonments,’ he told me when I visited him with Haji. ‘At the present moment it is claimed by India that Kashmir is an integral part of India.

But yes, he had recognised him immediately. Naipaul and his wife had stayed four and a half months in 1962, and in 1989 Naipaul had returned without his wife but with some other people and had stayed three or four days, at the Palace. Naipaul was an ‘Anglo-Indian’, and his wife was German or American or something like that. Somebody went to fetch Aziz’s son, Nazir. As we waited Aziz told me, unprompted, a story he had told Naipaul; apparently it was still on his mind. The Tourism Department had objected to Naipaul’s portrayal in An Area of Darkness of laundry hung out to dry from windows and spread out on the lawn.

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