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By Haim D Rabinowitch, Lesley Currah

The Alliums are the most old cultivated plants and comprise onions, garlic, leeks and different similar crops. the first objective of this e-book is to assemble, in one quantity, updated wisdom got by means of numerous clinical disciplines, from the elemental molecular point, to program within the box, of the allium plants. It includes commissioned chapters on themes that experience proven significant advances fairly within the final 10 years comparable to molecular biology, floriculture and agronomy. participants contain top international professionals from Europe, america, Japan and New Zealand.

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The plants have semicylindrical, falcate, not inflated leaves, a stem with a bubble-like inflation (Fig. 5) and small semi-globose umbels with small greenish, brown-flushed flowers. Initially it was believed to represent another subspecies of A. vavilovii, but molecular studies assigned it to be a basal group of the A. cepa/A. , 2001). Allium cepa L. A variable plant cultivated worldwide. Unknown in the wild, although sometimes naturalized (see Section 3). Fig. 3. Natural distribution of wild species of section Cepa.

5. Allium asarense under cultivation at Gatersleben, Germany. 01Allium Chapter 1 28/5/02 12:12 PM Page 19 Evolution, Domestication and Taxonomy easily with A. cepa and A. fistulosum, and shares a high degree of genetic similarity with other taxa of section Cepa. However, most morphological characters differ remarkably from others in this section and are much more similar to those of section Oreiprason. The study of other wild populations is essential (Klaas, 1998). Recent evidence indicates that A.

Continued. Botanical names of the crop groups Other names used in the literature A. ramosum L. Area of cultivation English names A. , A. tuberosum Rottl. ex Sprengel A. scorodoprasum ssp. ) Stearn China and Japan, worldwide now Turkey Chinese chive, Chinese leek A. sativum L. Common garlic group Longicuspis group A. sativum var. sativum, A. sativum var. typicum Regel A. longicuspis Regel Ophioscorodon group A. schoenoprasum L. A. sativum var. ophioscorodon (Link) Döll A. sibiricum L. Mediterranean area, also worldwide Central to South and East Asia Europe, also worldwide A.

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