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An informative resource for either the lively open air fanatic, who usually enjoys looking, camping out, fishing, or participates in different outside actions, and for the amateur adventurer trying to extend their open air wisdom.

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ORG MODERN FORECASTING To get ready to do your own weather forecast- ing while on the water, pull out that ancient high school science textbook and brush up on air pressure, humidity, and temperature. Next, work on being more observant about what is going on around you in the outdoors and the animals that live there. Then download the weather apps for your smartphone. Finally, get yourself a handheld or vessel mounted VHF radio so you can get the Coast Guard or NOAA weather channel. With time and attention you too will be able to know what the weather is going to do without having to watch the evening news the night before.

Some things, like torrential rain, a floundering life raft, or a catastrophic flood are completely out of your control. Even if you are confidently prepared for every survival contingency, it won’t matter if your gear gets completely soaked. Wet matches, wet socks, wet bandages, or wet sleeping bags won’t help whatever situation has befallen you. Keeping your gear stored and transported in a dry bag will greatly increase the usability of your gear and, more importantly, your chances of survival.

Watch how the sun moves over your property throughout the day. Which areas get the most sunlight? Most vegetable plants are labeled “Full Sun,” which means they like at least six hours of 56 AMERICAN SURVIVAL GUIDE AUGUST 2015 SOIL IS MORE THAN DIRT Gardening requires getting your hands dirty, but you’ll be doing so much more than digging in the dirt. Soil matters, a lot. Ideally, plants need soil that is rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, plus other trace elements, because these nutrients play an important role in root, stem and leaf development.

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