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We, the people who live outside of the normal rules, and have been scorned and even arrested by those from the 'civilized world', are becomming scarcer every day. This is due to the greater fear of what a good hacker (skill wise, no moral judgements here)|can do nowadays, thus causing anti- hacker sentiment in the masses. Also, few hackers seem to actually know about the computer systems they hack, or what equipment they will run into on the front end, or what they could do wrong on a system to alert the 'higher' authorities who monitor the system.

When you plug it in, if you see sparks, unplug it and restart the whole thing. But if it just seems fine then leave it. Use ---Now, so you have the whole thing plugged in and all... Do not use this unless the situation is desperate! When the trace has gone on, don't panic, unplug your phone, and turn on the appliance that it was hooked to. It will need energy to turn itself on, and here's a great source... I. computer at the same time. Happy boxing and stay free! _ Hindenberg Bomb Needed:1 Balloon ------------Exodus by the Jolly Roger 1 Bottle 1 Liquid Plumr 1 Piece Aluminum FoilL 1 Length Fuse Fill the bottle 3/4 full with Liquid Plumr and add a little piece of aluminum foil to it.

Every phone line will continue to ring, and people close to the box may be electricuted if they pick up the phone. But, the Blotto Box can be stopped by merely cutting of the line or generator. If they are cut off then nothing will emit any longer. It will take a while for the box to calm back down again, but that is merely a superficial aftereffect. Once again: Construction and use of this box is not advised! The Blotto Box will continue as long as there is electricity to continue with. OK, that is what it does, now, here are some interesting things for you to do with it...

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