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By Dbang 'dus sgrol ma, Dkon mchog dge legs, Mgon po tshe ring, and Dpal ldan chos dbyings (CK Stuart and G Roche eds; William Bleisch, Preface)

3 Tibetan groups in Yushu Tibetan self sufficient Prefecture, and Rtswa chog neighborhood in Hainan Tibetan self sustaining Prefecture, Qinghai Province, PR China are studied when it comes to China's pastoral improvement regulations and their impression on neighborhood Tibetans.

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They no longer hoped to return to the grassland after ten years because they had no livestock. They were psychologically depressed, physically stressed, and economically impoverished. CONCLUSION This research analyzed how EMP impacted the grassland ecosystem and the relocated herders. 5 years, nor had it significantly improved the living condition of resettled Rtswa chog nomads. Such results directly contradict the stated aims of EMP. Thirty Rtswa chog households voluntarily resettled in Skye dgu Town and sold their livestock.

Had the highest frequency in both Rtswa chog and Yul gyi nyi ma, occurring in all fifteen mini-sample plots of both Rtswa chog and Yul gyi nyi ma (Figure 8). Potentilla anserina was similar in occurrence to Kobresia spp. in Rtswa chog. Kobresia spp. was the main fodder for livestock, and due to the similar physical attributes of the two sites, the dominant species of the two areas were the same. However, in Yul gyi nyi ma, Potentilla anserina had the second highest frequency. Anaphalis spp. had the second highest frequency of occurrence in Rtswa chog.

No significant difference was observed in terms of species composition diversity indices. Grass species diversity and frequency in Rtswa chog and Yul gyi nyi ma were similar. The main variance in the evenness of species distribution is attributed to differences in water availability and soil profile. EMP had no significant influence on the grassland in terms of species composition diversity indices. Invasion of poisonous grass species at Rtswa chog was mainly due to the burrowing of pikas, which should be controlled through natural predators to help maintain a healthy, balanced grassland ecosystem.

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