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By Robert Benewick, Marc Blecher, Sarah Cook

This quantity adopts a multidisciplinary and comparative method of improvement that brings jointly concerns which are attribute of the lifelong scholarship of Professor Gordon White. those contain a spotlight at the country, civil society, welfare and globalization.

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34 During roughly the same period, the actual cost of care increased dramatically. The impact for poor rural households on healthcare access is particularly dramatic. 36 Thus, not surprisingly, illness has a close correlation with poverty and cost of provision is a major factor influencing utilisation by the poor. 38 From 1981 health care facilities were instructed that they should cover recurrent costs, with the exception of staff, from user charges and by the mid-1980s preventive care facilities were also charging on a fee-for-service basis.

In this respect he argued that ‘Over the long term the state is likely to be of crucial importance in organizing and financing social services…no comprehensive system of social provision, whether civic or commercial, is likely to work satisfactorily without properly constituted state authority and institutions’ [White and Robinson, 1998:113]. Gordon saw enormous potential in organising synergy between state and civic providers but recognised that the process is complex and requires an acknowledgement that relationships of reciprocity and trust are not only confined to civil society but extend to the public realm.

Second, it outlines some of the more enduring concepts and approaches that Gordon developed in the course of his research. Third, the essay moves on to demonstrate some of the practical applications of his ideas and their policy relevance. INFLUENCES A hallmark of Gordon White’s approach to research was his ability to maintain a strong disciplinary foundation in political science as a basis for his forays into development studies, while at the same time retaining a deep specialist knowledge of one key developing country, namely China.

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