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Beyond that range, reflections start to color the sound. A producer, editor, and client might hear slightly different mixes, unless they’re sitting in each others’ laps. Gotcha Real-world speakers aren’t. Some people claim small, cheap speakers are better because they’re like the ones in cheap TV sets. The reasoning is that these speakers will give a more accurate picture of what most people will hear. If a viewer does have better speakers than most people, things can only improve. The fact is cheap speakers are bad in random ways.

Since theatrical dialog is almost always mixed to the Center speaker, everybody will hear voices coming from the center of the screen. Music and large That doesn’t necessarily imply a square room, which you already know is bad for sound. These specs assume a much bigger room, or one in which walls are treated with so much absorption that reflections aren’t a problem. Monitoring sound effects will skew toward the side of the room you’re sitting in, which might not be a bad thing. A bigger compromise is in the shape of the layout.

It may help to also play it as a reference with a good CD player connected to the same monitors. 46 The traditional way to improve a computer’s audio is to install a third-party sound card with driver software. 2 If you’re editing on a laptop, you can get an analog I/O adapter in PC card format. Unfortunately, internal interfaces for these cards keep changing; a card that works in one computer might not work in another, even from the same manufacturer. For this reason, and to avoid internal noise, the industry is moving away from cards.

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