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Beginning the warfare with simply 35 airplane, Austro-Hungarian went directly to produce merely average numbers of negative caliber plane. The fliers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire working at the Serbian and Russian fronts have been lucky in the beginning, discovering themselves confronted through small numbers of airplane but extra obsolescent than their very own. Serbia fell in 1915, but if Italy declared battle the Austro-Hungarians have been nonetheless confronted with a two-front struggle – a static entrance opposed to Italy, and a much more fluid one opposed to Russia. Austro-Hungarian fighter pilots played bravely and sometimes very successfully lower than tremendous tough geographic, climatic and operational stipulations.

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II, p. 260. , II, p. 275. 48 Many of the same images such as father and savior of the country, patron and protector of the people, promoter of culture and beneficent Maecenas that had been used with them were also attributed to Lorenzo. 49 In other instances, praise was used for the sincere purpose of evoking virtue. Marsilio Ficino was a great master of edificatory praise. In his letters and dedications he constantly held up to Lorenzo the example of Cosimo so that the younger Medici might learn to model his life according to the virtuous example of his grandfather.

239. Numerous collections of biographies and painted portraits of famous persons survive from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Vespasiano da Bisticco, Bartolomeo Fazio, Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini, Giovanni Caroli, and Paolo Cortesi, to name a few, all wrote anthologies of historical lives. See Jacob Burckhardt's classical appreciation of the importance of biography and the elevation of classical virtues in the Renaissance in The Civilization of the Renaissance, trans. S. Middlemore, 2 vols.

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