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The motor will turn off. 1 logic function will again be true and the program ready for the next time the Start Pushbutton is pressed. 0 Input Expanding the application Output CPU The application can be easily expanded to include indicator lights for RUN and STOP conditions. 2. 2 on network 3. 0 is off. 1 light is off. 2 is on. 0 is now a logic high (On). 1 turns the RUN indicator on. 2 is now off. 3. Motor Starter (Acuator) Output Indicator Lights Motor PLC Limit Switch 58 Input Start/Stop Pushbuttons (Sensors) A limit switch could be used to stop the motor or prevent the motor from being started.

The LED status indicators signal if an output is active. 36 Optional connector An optional fan-out connector allows for field wiring connections to remain fixed when removing or replacing an S7-221 or 222. The appropriate connector slides into either the input, output, or expansion module terminals. Removable Terminal Strip The S7-224 does not have an optional fan-out connector. Instead, the terminal strips are removable. This allows the field wiring connections to remain fixed when removing or replacing the S7-224.

2. Which of the following is not available on an S7-221? a. b. c. d. Mode Switch Expansion Port Programming Port Status Indicators 3. An S7-222 can have a maximum of ____________ expansion modules and an S7-224 can have a maximum of ____________ expansion modules. 4. An S7-222 has ____________ DC inputs and ____________ DC outputs. 5. An S7-224 has ____________ DC inputs and ____________ DC outputs. 6. The fourth output of an S7-200 would be labeled ____________ . 7. S7-200 can be panel mounted or installed on a ____________ rail.

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