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If the mould has many cavities and is hand loaded, it’s possible that the Àrst parts inserted might bake out and the last ones would be Àne. Improper use of infrared drying could pre-activate the adhesive also. 5. Lack of heat. Large adhesive coated inserts may provide too much of a heat sink during moulding. The adhesive would therefore not get up to activation temperature and RC failure would occur. , 40%R, 60% RC) as the location of the heater rods and pins in the mould would allow differential heat transfer.

If material is suspect concerning shelf life, it should be replaced with new material while disposing of the older material. Refer to the speciÀc product literature for storage conditions and other information regarding proper use and handling of the adhesive system. Many of these products are Áammable due to the type of solvents that they contain. Solvents used in these products include aromatics, acetates, alcohols, ketones and chlorinated solvents. Appropriate safety procedures for Áammable liquids should be practiced when handling products containing any of these solvents.

3 Surface Analysis Techniques In many cases, visual observation and/or microscopic analysis are sufÀcient to determine the type of the failure. The actual cause of the failure however is not readily apparent. The use of certain analytical tools can help determine the cause of the failure. Some of the major methods used for surface analysis are as follows: Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry (EDS) The reason that it was diluted too far needed to be determined and was shown to be related to lack of training of a new employee.

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