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19 51% of phoric relations regards a Clitic in Topic or Comment with an anaphoric relation with a NP or a clause in a Focus position of a previous utterance. No cataphora among utterances have been retrieved (Cresti 2009). 20 Modality and illocution must be clearly distinguished. Illocution performs the conventional communicative activity of the speech act, and belongs to pragmatics . Modality specifies the attitude of the speaker toward the locution and belongs to semantics. The independence of the two notions in spoken language have been formally demonstrated (Cresti 2002; Tucci 2008; Tucci and Moneglia in press).

Modality is the higher semantic level within the locutive act and in accordance with the logical tradition, it is a property of a proposition. When a proposition is in the scope of more than one modal index the modal indexes are compositional, and the proposition receives the modality of the higher modal index (Huges and Creswell 1996). For instance: (39) “A professor of linguistics must1 be able2 to teach linguistics” is a deontic proposition (deontic- index1 over alethic index2) (40) “A professor of linguistics may1 have been forced2 to teach philosophy” is an alethic proposition (alethic-index1 over deontic-index2) This compositional principle is strictly followed in writing, but not in speech.

Clitics and anaphoric relations in informational patterning: a corpus driven research in spontaneous spoken italian (C-ORAL-ROM). In L. ), Information structures and its interfaces. Berlin-New-York: Mouton de Gruyter, 171-203. Cresti, E. and V. Firenzuoli. 1999. Illocution et profils intonatifs de l’italien. Revue française de linguistique appliquèe, 4, 2: 77-98. Cresti, E. and V. Firenzuoli. 2002. L'articolazione informativa topic-comment e commentappendice: correlati intonativi. In A. ), La fonetica acustica come strumento di analisi della variazione linguistica in Italia (Atti delle XII giornate del GFS).

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