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By Stan Hieronymus

The wit and weizen of wheat beers. writer Stan Hieronymus visits the ancestral houses of the world's best styles-Hoegaarden, Kelheim, Leipzig, Berlin or even Portland, Oregon-to style fable from truth and learn how the beers are made this present day. entire with brewing info and recipes for even the main curious brewer, and solutions to driving questions corresponding to Why is my beer cloudy? and without or with lemon?

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2 Not surprisingly, wheat itself affects both how wheat beers look and how they taste. This chapter focuses on how to make beers cloudy and keep them cloudy, and then the first half of the equation for creating the phenolic flavors associated with many wheat beers. The second half of that equation depends on yeast and fermentation, particularly when brewing weizen beers, which is discussed in Chapter 8. H. com, 2007), 198. 2 John Levesque, The Art of Brewing and Fermenting (London: Thomas Hurst, 1836), 20.

The rest went into the brewing kettle. The mash was then transferred into the kettle to allow saccharification of the entire grist. One-third was run off, boiled with hops, and transferred to the coolship. The rest was then transferred to the lauter tun and filtered through the spent grains before being added to the coolship. The mixture was transferred to a buffer tank and yeast added. This was put in wooden barrels, and the barrels were turned so the yeast produced by the fermentation could escape through the bung hole.

3 Basically, small particles stay in suspension, while larger ones drop out. 28 Wheat Basics: Why is My Beer Cloudy? No doubt there are lessons to be learned from the research, including the relationship between polyphenols and yeast in suspension, but for hundreds of years brewers in Europe have used up to 70 percent wheat, and their beers have been quite cloudy. Keys are a protein rest at 122° F (50° C) during mashing and using a nonflocculating yeast. In the coming chapters brewers will provide more detail.

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