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By C.H. Ashdown

Оружейная история Британии и других стран. Книга проиллюстрирована 450 гравюрами и forty two тоновыми иллюстрациями. Охватывает период с древнейших времен до 17 века

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The PE algorithm tries to satisfy capacity constraints for every service center, maintain service area contiguity constraints, and reduce the sum of the shortest distances from graph-nodes to their allotted service centers (PE-nodes). At each step, the algorithm re-allots a graph-node from an excess PE-node to fulfill the capacity constraint. 1) n∈SA(s2) where sd(n, s) is the length of the SA shortest distance from n to s in SA(s) [20]. A key idea behind PE is to first choose the best boundary graph-node that minimizes the cost of re-allotment and then re-allot this graph-node to fulfill capacity constraints.

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