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By Ruth Scurr

Ruth Scurr deals a considerable creation to Carlyle and his masterwork, by means of a chain of rigorously chosen extracts.

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445 (below p. 72). 30. The French Revolution: A History, vol. 2, p. 102 (below p. 88). 31. The French Revolution: A History, vol. 2, p. 103 (below p. 88). 32. The French Revolution: A History, vol. 2, p. 118. 33. Archives Parlementaire de 1787 à 1860, Débats législatifs et Politiques des chambres Français, sous la direction de M. J. Mavidal et de M. E. Laurent, Première Série, 1787–99, 82 vols, Paris (1885): Libraire administrative de Paul Dupont, vol. 26, p. 332. 34. The French Revolution: A History, vol.

Of poor De Breze we can remark that he has yet prospered in none of his dealings with these Commons. Five weeks ago, when they kissed the hand of Majesty, the mode he took got nothing but censure; and then his ‘sincere attachment,’ how was it scornfully whiffed aside! Before supper, this night, he writes to President Bailly, a new Letter, to be delivered shortly after dawn tomorrow, in the King’s name. Which Letter, however, Bailly in the pride of office, will merely crush together into his pocket, like a bill he does not mean to pay.

Huge Paris, in all conceivable and inconceivable vehicles, is pouring itself forth; from each Town and Village come subsidiary rills; Versailles is a very sea of men. But above all, from the Church of St. Louis to the Church of Notre-Dame: one vast suspended-billow of Life, – with spray scattered even to the chimney-pots! For on chimney-tops too, as over the roofs, and up thitherwards on every lamp-iron, sign-post, breakneck coign of vantage, sits patriotic Courage; and every window bursts with patriotic Beauty: for the Deputies are gathering at St.

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