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By H.W. Rauch, W.H. Sutton and L.R. McCreight (Eds.)

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CONSTITUENT BEHAVIOR G. FIBER MATRIX DUCTILE BRITTLE DUCTILE DUCTILE BRITTLE BRITTLE BRITTLE DUCTILE CONSTITUENT COMPOSITION FIBER-COMPOSITE MATERIALS lc; at higher fiber concentrations, the value of l c becomes smaller (lCl < £ C 3 ) 3 7 4 ' 5 8 8 ' 7 0 9 . Thus while fiber length is a primary variable (i. e . , one can use fibers of specified lengths), it is not an independent variable insofar as composite properties are concerned. This holds true also for the other prime variables listed in Table IV, since their effects on the composite properties are interdependent.

S e e Chapter VII [33B] j 21 REINFORCEMENT PREPARATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF ADVANCED FILAMENTS DISCONTINUOUS Boron, Calcium Hexaboride, Nickel Oxide. Tungsten Oxide Alumina Compagnie F rancaise-Thomson Houston General Electric Co. Horizons, Inc. Pressure Chemical Co. *Thermokinetic Fibers, Inc. [23] [33D ] [44] [73] [82] Silicon Carbide *Carborundum Co. *Thermokinetic Fibers, Inc. U. S. Bureau of Mines [19] [82] [17] Silicon Nitride Atomic Weapons Research Est. [88] Explosives Research and Development Est.

For these and other reasons, the bend test is not generally suitable for the smaller whiskers. Another test somewhat analogous to a bend test is the so-called "loop" test. In this test, the fiber is drawn into a loop of decreasing radius until failure occurs. The bending stress is calculated by the relation: where 0" = Stress E = Elastic modulus y = Distance from neutral axis to outer fiber (equal to the fiber radius for circular cross sections) p = Radius of curvature The radius of curvature, obviously, must be known immediately prior to failure in order to calculate the breaking s t r e s s .

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