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L’Obs [FR], Issue 2630 (April 02 2015)

L’analyse des événements les plus marquants : LE NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR vous présente chaque semaine, avec une liberté de ton qui n’appartient qu’à lui, toute l’actualité du moment.

Voices of the Foreign Legion: The History of the World's Most Famous Fighting Corps

The French overseas Legion has confirmed a name because the such a lot ambitious of army forces. Created as a way of defending French pursuits overseas, the legion spearheaded French colonialism in North Africa in the course of the 19th century. Accepting volunteers from all components of the realm, the legion received an air of secrecy of mystery—and a under enviable recognition for brutality inside its ranks.

In the Steps of the Black Prince: The Road to Poitiers, 1355-1356

In 1355 the Black Prince took a military to Bordeaux and launched into chevauchées (mounted army expeditions, mostly characterized through the devastation of the encircling cities and countryside), which culminated in his decisive victory over King Jean II of France at Poitiers the next yr. utilizing the recorded itineraries as his place to begin, the writer of this e-book walked greater than 1,300 miles throughout France, retracing the routes of the armies looking for a better figuring out of the Black Prince's day trip.

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