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By Shyam S Yadav, R R Redden, W Chen, Balram Sharma

The chickpea is an historical crop that continues to be vital in either built and constructing countries. This authoritative account via foreign specialists covers all points of chickpea breeding and administration, and the built-in pest administration and biotechnology purposes which are vital to its development. With subject matters lined together with beginning and taxonomy, ecology, distribution and genetics, this e-book combines the various and sundry examine matters impacting on construction and usage of the chickpea crop on its trip from paddock to plate.

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Leaves paripinnate, 25–40 mm long, terminating in a spine, with 8–12 obovate leaflets, 2–6 × 4–5 mm; teeth of leaflet midribs not pronounced. Stipules 3–7 mm long, equal to or larger than the leaflets. Racemes 1–2-flowered, corolla pubescent. Flowering August. Tadzhikistan; 2000–3000 m. 19. C. incisum (Willdenow) K. Maly, in Ascherson and Graebner, Syn. MittelEurop. Fl. 6(2): 900 (1909). Type: Crete, herb. Willdenow (Holo: B). , Sp. pl. ed. 3, 2: 1017 (1802); C. ) Fenzl, Ill. Syr. Taur. , Riese Kreta 1817, 1: 325 (1823); C.

Science 278, 1243–1244. Dombrowski, J. (1970) Preliminary report on excavation in Lalibela and Natchabiet caves, Begemeder. Annales d’ Ethiopie 8, 21–29. , Brothwell, D. and Seelwy, N. (1978) Some food offerings from Ur, excavated by Sir Leonard Wooley, and previously unpublished. Journal of Archeological Science 5, 167–177. , Near, J. and Martinoli, D. (2002) Macro-botanical evidence for plant use at Neolithic Çatalhöyük, south-central Anatolia, Turkey. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 11, 41–54.

Stockholm, andra ser. 1: 510 (1952). Type: Syria, Azaz, Haradjian 4442 (Holo: G). Prostrate to erect annual, 10–30 cm tall. Leaves imparipinnate, (13−)18– 25(−44) mm long, with (3−)5(−7) oblong-obovate or obovate leaflets, (5−)7– 12(−18) × 3–8 mm. Stipules ovate-lanceolate or flabellate, 2–5 × 1–2 mm. Racemes 1-flowered, corolla pink or purple. Seeds subglobular, circumference 7–12 mm, echinate. Flowering (April–)May–June. 2n = 16. N, W Iran, N Iraq, N Syria, SE Turkey; 500–1300 m. 8. C. canariense A.

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