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Fixes nitrogen from the air. Cassia siamea(Khi Lek). Does not fix nitrogen and can compete with coffee for nutrients and water. - Melia azedarach (Khao Dao Sang, Neem or Bead tree). A good timber tree that may provide some insect control. Seed extracts are used as the insecticide Neem. Paulownia tomentosa. A quick growing, timber tree. 5 x 4 m (555 trees/ha), while that of Melia and Paulawnia is 6 x 6 m (277 trees/ha). Plant shade trees within the coffee rows. Remove lower limbs from young shade trees as they grow.

Thoroughly mix the ingredients and place in the black plastic bags. This amount will fill about 40 bags. Selection of Seedlings Use the best seedlings with a straight tap root. Discard seedlings with either a bent taproot (J root) or those with few root hairs. Do not use larger seedlings (with more leaves than the matchstick stage) as these will be too slow in growing. Do not use diseased seedlings. 48 Coffee Plant Seedlings In Bags Planting should be done in cool, cloudy weather. Thoroughly water the soil-filled bags to settle the soil before planting.

Generally plants above thirty years consistently yield good crops. In young plants, less than six years, the flower buds are nipped because it results in unnecessary stess on the plant. Moisture Excessive moisture results in the imbalance of growth regulators and promoters and a particular hormone responsible for vegetative phase comes into play. This drastically reduces the number of flowers. 40 Coffee Flower opening Under such conditions the bush appears healthy, but the productivity suffers.

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