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By Pui Lee

The evolution of Hong Kong, as a British colony and now a different Administrative area at China's door step, has constantly been inextricably intertwined with the location in China. This courting is tested via a number of views during this volume.

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The regulations for bricklayers and carpenters pertain only to the artisans' guilds. 28 The Master Masons' Guild was made up of 120 members. Some of the prominent members and committeemen lived near the business district, and others lived at Third Street, Saiyingpun, Lower Rutter Street on Taipingshan, or Wanchai. The bricklayers, artisans, had a meeting house at No. 2 Upper Rutter Street, and four of the six prominent members cited gave this as their address. The bricklayers, the shipbuilders, the carpenters and the contractors, that is to say, both masters and artisans, celebrated the festival of the deity Lo Pan at the Lo Pan Temple at Shektongtsui.

A few months ago I had to draw Mr Price's attention, not for the first time, to the fact that the Government scavengers employed by his department had been fined by the police magistrate for deliberately emptying night-soil into the underground drains of the city of Victoria. Soon after I arrived in Hong Kong I had to point out to Mr Price and to Dr Ayres [the Colonial Surgeon] the danger to public health of allowing the Survey Department scavenger to empty every morning a considerable portion of the night-soil of the prisoners into the gaol drains, and to deposit night-soil in large quantities in a place chosen by the Survey Department at Belcher's Bay, near the west end of the city of Victoria.

He states that in the end of 1867 there was a large fire at Aplichau which burned them out, and that the title deeds were burned. He produces copies of the lease got from the Surveyor General's Office after the fire, and these have been in his possession ever since. He also produced the Crown rent receipts from the beginning of 1868, and states that after the fire the Leung Hop Li business was wound up, and that the deceased and the others apportioned the land amongst them, the deceased having his two shares in it.

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