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H J is “dexter” antisymmetric} (31) using Eq. (8). We now explain what we mean by a dexter matrix. Say G is a 2N × 2N orthogonal antisymmetric matrix. Then an orthogonal change of basis puts it into the canonical form JN . However, this may not be possible by means of a proper orthogonal change of basis (i. , of determinant +1). Specifically, when N is even, the two complex structures ±JN are equivalent (under, say, the proper orthogonal change of basis JN as in (21)), but when N is odd they are not.

Anal. Geom. 4(3), 263–277 (1997) 3. : Semiclassical asymptotics of orthogonal polynomials, Riemann-Hilbert problem, and universality in the matrix model. Ann. Math. (2), 150(1), 185–266 (1999) ´ La g´eom´etrie des groupes simples. Ann. Math. Pura Appl. 4, 209–256 (1927) 4. : ´ Sur certaines formes riemannienes remarquables des g´eom´etries a groupe fondamental 5. : ´ simple. Ann. Sci. Ecole Norm. Sup. 44, 354–467 (1927) 6. : A method of integration over matrix variables. II. J. Phys. A 14(3), 579–586 (1981) 7.

R ), |λj | = 1. (41) Abusing notation, we will also write R for the vector (λ1 , . . , λR ). The tangent space a to this torus at the identity is identified with the space of R-tuples i = (iθ1 , . . , iθR ), θj ∈ R. Recall that we identify p with the tangent space to G/K at the base-point o = K/K. The exponential maps Exp of G/K and exp of G are related by Exp(X) = exp(X)K ∈ G/K (42) for X ∈ p = To (G/K). For i ∈ a, exp(i ) is given by the matrix on the right-hand side of Eqs. (27), (32), (35) and (40), respectively, provided we choose λj = eiθj in (41).

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