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By K. Fuchs, C. Froidevaux

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Published through the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Geodynamics Series

This quantity is dedicated to contemporary advances in investigating the Earth's crustal and mantle constitution, its composition and dynamics. the various papers replicate the talk prepared by means of the foreign Lithosphere software (ILP) in the course of the Moscow overseas Geological Congress (1980). Others stem from discussions inside one operating workforce (WG-9) and one coordinating committee (CC-5) of ILP.


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8 km-s-1. homogeneity the is hydrothermal associated with This somewhat surprising features the of extensive in view of Yellowstone silicic Park volcanism of Quaternary age and the complex upper crustal structure revealed by the seismic survey. Smith et al. (1982) suggest that the lower crust has been penetrated by mafic melts which provided a heat source to drive the hydro- thermal and volcanic activity but did not substantially perturb the velocity structure (see also McKenzie, 1984). There is some evidence to suggest that the lower crust beneath the 36 consortium of Canadian refraction survey institutions by a (COCRUST) across the convergent margin of western Canada has revealed the oceanic lithosphere dipping at 3 ø or less beneath the continental slope, with the bend in the subducting slab landward of the foot of the slope (Fig.

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