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By Nikos Mastorakis, Aida Bulucea, George Tsekouras

This publication offers readers with glossy computational suggestions for fixing number of difficulties from electric, mechanical, civil and chemical engineering. Mathematical equipment are awarded in a unified demeanour, to allow them to be utilized regularly to difficulties in utilized electromagnetics, energy of fabrics, fluid mechanics, warmth and mass move, environmental engineering, biomedical engineering, sign processing, computerized keep an eye on and more.

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Power Syst. 7(3), 1098–1105 (1992) 27. : Short-term hourly load forecasting using abductive networks. IEEE Trans. Power Syst. 19(1), 164–173 (2004) 28. : Effect of probabilistic inputs on neural networkbased electric load forecasting. IEEE Trans. Neural Netw. 7(6), 1528–1532 (1996) 29. : Neural network load forecasting with weather ensemble predictions. IEEE Trans. Power Syst. 17(3), 626–632 (2002) 30. : One-hour-ahead load forecasting using neural network. IEEE Trans. Power Syst. 17(1), 113–118 (2002) 31.

Optimal scheduling of spinning reserve. IEEE Trans. Power Syst. 14(4), 1485–1492 (1999) 3. : Available transfer capability and first order sensitivity. IEEE Trans. Power Syst. 14(2), 512–518 (1999) 4. : A real-time implementation of short-term load forecasting for distribution power systems. IEEE Trans. Power Syst. 9(2), 988–994 (1994) 5. : Regression based peak load forecasting using a transformation technique. IEEE Trans. Power Syst. 9(4), 1788–1794 (1994) 6. : Scheduling of cool storage using non-linear programming techniques.

9 the prediction errors of a typical summer day for Greek interconnected power system of the year 2000 (Thursday 8-6-2000) are presented for the training, evaluation and test sets respectively, while in Fig. J. Tsekouras et al. Fig. 10 Chronological active load curves of the measured load, the estimated load, the estimated load with the 5 % lower limit with respect to evaluation set, the estimated load with the 5 % upper limit with respect to evaluation set, the estimated load with the 5 % lower limit with respect to test set, the estimated load with the 5 % upper limit with respect to test set for the best ANN model for 8-6-2000 in Greek interconnected power system the respective measured and estimated load values are presented together with the 90 % confidence intervals of the evaluation and the test data sets.

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