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By Phillip O. Keirstead

During this textual content for college students in tv information and broadcast construction classes, Keirstead (Florida A&M college) discusses how tv information is produced and introduces the function of electronic and automation applied sciences. utilizing an available and interesting sort, he starts off with an summary of the newsroom, the position of the scoop manufacturer, and the elemental construction actions, then examines the combination of expertise during the levels of manufacturing a news bulletin.

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M. m. By then, much of the situation may be cleared up, and there may not be enough artificial lighting to make a live shot possible. This is a decision that can only be thought about at the moment, but soon she will have to make a "go or no go" decision, realizing the technical issues the crew faces, and knowing that almost all the on-scene crew is on overtime. To add to her concerns, she no longer has two night crews to assign to other stories. This is what producing television news is about.

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WHAT DOES A TV PRODUCER DO? 11 sible gas line problem becomes available. He assigns an intern to do a computer search to see if there have been any other gas line problems involving the local utility or its supplier. Celia and Carl shot scenes of the fire site and talked with the fire chief, the state fire marshal, and the homeowners. m. broadcasts. They also shot a little tape of firefighters "mopping up" the fire scene in the intense late morning heat, in case it is needed for the heat wave story.

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