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By Karrine Steffans

Half tell-all, half cautionary story, this emotionally charged memoir from a former video vixen nicknamed 'Superhead' is going past the glamour of star to bare the internal workings of the hip-hop dancer industry—from the actual and emotional abuse that's rampant within the undefined, and which marked her personal life—to the over the top use of substances, intercourse and bling.

Once the sought-after video lady, this attractive siren has helped multi-platinum artists, comparable to Jay-Z, R. Kelly and LL Cool J, promote hundreds of thousands of albums together with her sensual dancing. In a be aware, Karrine used to be H-O-T. So scorching that she made up to $2500 an afternoon in movies and was once chosen by way of recognized movie director F. Gary grey to co-star in his movie, a guy aside, starring Vin Diesel. however the movie and track video units, swanky Hollywood and ny eating places and trysts with the stars featured within the pages of individuals and involved magazines in simple terms touches the skin of Karrine Steffans' life.

Her trip is full of actual abuse, rape, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness and unmarried motherhood—all through the age of 26. by means of sharing her tale, Steffans hopes to make clear an differently romanticised and support younger ladies steer clear of a similar pitfalls she encountered. If they're already at risk, she hopes to motivate them to discover how to dig themselves out of what she understands first-hand to be a cycle of hopelessness and melancholy.

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