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By Rolf Meissner, Larry Brown, Hans-Jürgen Dürbaum, Wolfgang Franke, Karl Fuchs, Friedrich Seifert

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Published through the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Geodynamics Series.

With the spirit of the Nibelungen lingering from the yearly Richard Wagner competition which had simply ended, two hundred scientists from 23 international locations met at Bayreuth college, just a mile clear of this old and picturesque urban, to resume their assault on outdated issues of Gaia.


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3s time delay for the Moho arrival (Figure with respect to the large-lens case 8). :. 5 TiBe (s) :-? -,-. :_-_. ,. •-• •c-_-•_• --- _. . -.. 0 ';:: . , I ........ i •"• . Fig. 2. c: Reflection recording for shot point 2 along the E-W profile. 0 s long AGC window has been applied for display purposes to these shot gathers. 3 (s) finite •i9. •ime 3. a: Observed true absolute ampli•ude-vsplo• for an offse• of 5,6 •m for •e difference modeling of thewave fieldpropagating gather recorded along theN-Slineforshotpoint through a modelconsisting of a flat highly 4.

L. Czuchra,S. L. Klemperer,L. D. Brown, M. J. Cheadle, F. A. Cook, J. E. Oliver, S. Kaufman, T. reflective and layered expressionof the Moho. For the Walsh, J. B. , J. B. Lyons, and J. L. , in and implicationfor architectureof convergentmountain the South Georgia basin) together with the widespread chains, Am. Assoc. Petrol. Geol. , 68, 819-837, occurrenceof early Mesozoic tholeiitic basalt/diabase dikes, 1984. , 1986;de Arnow, J. , 1989]. S. , 1987. is a youngerfeaturethat cross-cuts,and thusis unrelatedto, Behrendt, J.

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