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By David H. Elliot, George L. Blaisdell

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Published by means of the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic learn Series.


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P. Grootes, D. H. Hagen, Oxygen isotopestudyof the ice fields surrounding the Reckling Moraine on the East Antarcticice sheet, in Contributions to Antarctic Research III, Antarct. Res. , vol. H. Elliot, pp. , 1992. , K. S. Wehn, J. M. Montello, E. H. Hagen, M. L. Strobel,and K. S. Johnson,Isotopecomposition of the ice and sub-glacial geology near the Allan Hills, Victoria Land, Antarctica, in Gondwana Eight: Assembly,Evolution and Dispersal edited by R. H. Findlay, R. Unrug, M. R. Banks,andJ.

87, 11,004-11,012,1982.

658: Till clast, collectedon the supraglacialmoraineon blueice adjacentto rockoutcropof Mawsondiamictiteshown in Figure 1, Faure and Buchanan[1987]. ) ablating from ice underlyinga supraglacialmoraineadjacentto rock outcrop shownin Figure 1, Faure and Buchanan[1987]. F-80-56: Consolidatedtill depositon sandstone bedrock southof the ice lobe in ManhaulBay. Containingclastsof coal and Mawson diamictite. Possible correlative of Sirius Table Mountain SouthernVictoria Land (77ø57'S, 162ø00'E). F-80-14: Consolidatedtill depositon sandstone bedrock.

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