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By J. R. Davis

Provides functional discussions on thermodynamic and electrochemical ideas of corrosion, reputation and prevention of varied kinds of corrosion, forms of corrosive environments typically encountered. DLC: Corrosion and anti-corrosives.

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This inherent reactivity of the metals is an important consideration in corrosion. Formation of Corrosion Products The term corrosion products refers to the substances produced during a corrosion reaction. Corrosion products can be soluble, such as zinc chloride, which is formed when zinc is placed into a dilute hydrochloric acid, or zinc sulfate, which is formed when zinc is placed in 37 38 Corrosion: Understanding the Basics sulfuric acid, or corrosion products can be insoluble compounds, such as iron oxide or hydroxide.

From the perspective of corrosion control, it is important to understand which products are the most stable and what degree of protection is provided by the solid products. Some insoluble products, such as the aluminum oxide that protects aluminum from corrosion, are very adherent to the metal surface and very dense. Other insoluble products are less dense and can be porous, and therefore provide little or no protection from subsequent corrosion. Important Solution Characteristics In the previous section, the important characteristics of metals with respect to corrosion were discussed.

This leads to preferential corrosion of specific constituents of the alloy. This relationship between microstructure and corrosion behavior is demonstrated in Fig. 10 and 11. Figure 10 shows the microstructure of three different alloys. Alloy 1 is nearly pure A, alloy 2 is A with modest amounts of B, and alloy 3 is a B-rich alloy of A and B. The microstructure of alloy 1 is a single phase of alpha (a), with complete solubility of B within the alpha phase. Alloy 2 has B-additions beyond the solubility limit, and a two-phase structure results.

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