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By Peter J. Hansen (auth.), G. Cliff Lamb, Nicolas DiLorenzo (eds.)

​​​​​​​​​​​This e-book addresses the affects of present and destiny reproductive applied sciences on our global nutrition construction and gives an important contribution to the significance of study within the quarter of reproductive body structure that hasn't ever been compiled prior to. it is going to offer a different chance to split the affects of the way reproductive applied sciences have affected varied species and their contributions to foodstuff construction. finally, no book has been compiled that demonstrates the connection among advancements in reproductive administration instruments and meals construction that could be used a reference for scientists in addressing destiny study parts. ​During the prior 50 years assisted reproductive applied sciences were constructed and sophisticated to extend the quantity and caliber of offspring from genetically greater farm animal cattle species. man made insemination (AI), estrous synchronization and fixed-time AI, semen and embryo cryopreservation, a number of ovulation and embryo move (MOET), in vitro fertilization, intercourse decision of sperm or embryos, and nuclear move are applied sciences which are used to reinforce the creation potency of farm animals species.

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Among various factors co-incident during this period, a dramatic surge in circulating progesterone levels, predominantly emerging from the preovulatory follicles, is highly critical for the induction of ovulation. Using commercial Leghorn chickens, Correa et al. attempted to further elevate circulating progesterone levels during the critical window of sex determination (Correa et al. 2005). 25 mg (low dose) to White Leghorn hens (Babcock B300 strain) 4 h prior to the end of the light cycle resulted in far fewer males (25 %) from hens treated with high dose of progesterone compared with the number of males from low dose progesterone or sesame oil-treated hens (61–63 %).

The largest follicle (F1) ovulates every 26–28 h and the preovulatory follicular hierarchy is maintained by sequential recruitment of prehierarchical follicles. However, in broiler breeder hens that had unrestricted access to feed, the normal follicular hierarchy is disrupted by selection and growth of more than one follicle resulting in multiple hierarchy, multiple ovulations, and internal ovulations. This is one of the main reasons for poor reproductive efficiency of broiler breeder hens. As in females, male broiler breeder chickens that are fed ad libitum were found to have reduced duration of fertility, possibly contributing Fig.

Biol Reprod 86:91 Xie YL et al (2012) Palmitic acid in chicken granulosa cell death-lipotoxic mechanisms mediate reproductive inefficacy of broiler breeder hens. Theriogenology 78(9):1917–1928 You S, Bridgham JT, Foster DN, Johnson AL (1996) Characterization of the chicken follicle-stimulating hormone receptor (cFSH-R) complementary deoxyribonucleic acid, and expression of cFSH-R messenger ribonucleic acid in the ovary. Biol Reprod 55:1055–1062 3 Current and Future Assisted Reproductive Technologies for Fish Species Gregory M.

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