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By Prem P. Jauhar

Provided listed below are smooth and classical features of cytogenetics in addition to biotechnology relating to development of the Festuca-Lolium team of grasses. Festuca and its shut relative Lolium are very necessary genera of temperate agriculture. those interesting genera include a few hugely effective, nutritious, and well-adapted grasses commonly used for agricultural and leisure reasons all over the world. The e-book is organizedinto 15 chapters dedicated to taxonomy and systematics; species evolution and divergence by means of bring up in chromosome quantity in addition to by means of switch in DNA content material; genetic keep an eye on of chromosome pairing and its breeding and phylogenetic implications; B chromosomes, prompted polyploidy and haploidy inrelation to varietal development; vast hybridization, genome relationships, and plant development; genomic stability when it comes to hybrid fertility and hererosis breeding; biotechnology and its power functions in plant development. it's of distinct curiosity to geneticists, taxonomists, evolutionists, biotechnologists, and plant breeders.

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However, DNA contents may have limited value in tracing the ancestry of polyploids (Seal 1983b). , their ability to pair effectively. Moreover, an increase in DNA content was achieved by the addition of roughly equal amounts of DNA to each chromosome of the complement. Such a consistent pattern of DNA changes is suggestive of some sort of control or constraint upon the location and the extent of DNA changes which occur during the divergence and evolution of species within a genus. lauhar (1975b, 1976) studied chromosomal relationships between L.

Rubra (Aiken et al. 1988) and may be a facultative, ephemeral response to environmental conditions (see Aiken et al. 1988 for references). Viviparous proliferation was observed in F. ovina and "F. vivipara" and could be modified by environmental conditions (Heide 18 Taxonomic Treatments Fig. 1a,b Spontaneous mutational transformation in inflorescence type in Lolium multiflorum Lam. (annual or Italian ryegrass) . a Normal spike in parental cultivar. b Panicle in the mutant. Some upper spikelets have awns 1988).

Rigidum Gaud. " perenne L. 16 May be annual or short-lived perennial of the additional nuclear DNA with genes controlling the expression of leaf form and tillering in L. temulentum (Rees and Jones 1967). However, the relationship, if any, between the variation in the amount of genetic material in the two species and the difference in their breeding system is not clear. Gupta and Rees (1975) studied the segregation of nuclear DNA content in F2 seedlings derived from a cross between the inbreeder L.

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