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By Dan Hooper

The 20th century used to be astounding in all regards, shaking the rules of essentially each point of human lifestyles and proposal, physics now not least of all. starting with the e-book of Albert Einstein's idea of relativity, in the course of the wild revolution of quantum mechanics, and up till the physics of the trendy day (including the excellent revelation, in 1998, that the Universe isn't just increasing, yet doing so at an ever-quickening pace), a lot of what physicists have obvious in our Universe means that a lot of our Universe is unseen-that we are living in a depressing cosmos.

Everyone understands that there are issues nobody can see-the air you're respiring, for instance, or, to be extra unique, a black gap. yet what everybody doesn't understand is that what we will be able to see-a booklet, a cat, or our planet-makes up purely five percentage of the Universe. The rest-fully ninety five percent-is completely invisible to us; its presence discernible purely via the vulnerable results it has on seen topic round it.

This invisible stuff is available in varieties-dark topic and darkish strength. One holds the Universe jointly, whereas the opposite tears it aside. What those forces relatively are has been a secret for so long as someone has suspected they have been there, however the newest discoveries of experimental physics have introduced us toward that wisdom. Particle physicist Dan Hooper takes his readers, with wit, grace, and a willing knack for explaining the hardest rules technology has to provide, on a quest few may have ever anticipated: to find what makes up our darkish cosmos.

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