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By Fadi Abou-Rihan

Such a lot commentators pass judgement on Deleuze and Guattari's Anti-Oedipus as both a Medusa into whose face psychoanalysis can't yet stare and endure the main abominable of deaths or a well-intentioned yet completely erroneous flash within the pan. Fadi Abou-Rihan exhibits that, up to it truly is an insightful critique of the assimilationist vein in psychoanalysis, Anti-Oedipus is still totally devoted to Freud's so much singular discovery of an subconscious that's procedural and dynamic. furthermore, Abou-Rihan argues, the anti-oedipal undertaking is a tradition the place the technological know-how of the subconscious is made to obey the legislation it attributes to its object.

The consequence is little short of the "becoming-unconscious" of psychoanalysis, a changing into that indications neither the repression nor the dying of the perform however the transformation of its rules and approaches into these of its item. Abou-Rihan tracks this changing into along Nietzsche, Winnicott, Feynman, Bardi, and Cixous with a view to reconfigure hope past the types of topic, lack, and tragedy. Firmly grounded in continental philosophy and psychoanalytic perform, this e-book extends the anti-oedipal view at the subconscious in a unconditionally new path.

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For now, and while I obviously, do acknowledge the preponderance of an analysand’s parental phantasies and their accompanying demands on the person of the psychoanalyst, I would like to highlight the fallacious nature of a practice that measures the worth, efficiency and goal of the psychoanalyst’s position in terms of his or her supposedly appropriate functioning as mother and/or father. I want to argue that, in ascribing to the psychoanalyst the status of parent, such a practice not only fuels an un-worked through counter-transferential parental phantasy, it also bolsters parenting as a measure of health and, as a consequence, elevates reproduction from the status of a biological event to that of a psychological commandment: Thou shall multiply.

However, and by the standards of not only this or that of the various leading orientations in psychoanalytic theory or practice but by those standards that the discipline itself has held as its foundational and distinguishing mark, repetition could not be any further from either the truth of the unconscious or, for that matter, the history of its science. As regards the former, and even at those times when the unconscious is trapped in the most monotonous and debilitating of cyclical scenarios, it is still, and however minimally, an unconscious that dreams, phantasises, mourns, defers, displaces, remembers, thinks and compromises; it is still an unconscious that works.

All such categories point to the endorsement of the principle of a normalized reproduction and integration as the single most important marker of mental health. It is hence hardly a surprise, but not any the less perplexing and indeed troubling, that, though a quintessentially urban practice, psychoanalysis has for the most part remained glued Anti-Oedipus: Reading, Listening, Analysing 39 to a caricature version of the suburban as the highest accomplishment in psychic life. It is crucial to note at this point that, though they call for a redeployment of the anti-modernist impetus in psychoanalysis, Deleuze and Guattari are far from aligning themselves with the vulgates of the post-modern.

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