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By Peter Reuter

Sie suchen die englische Übersetzung für Fachbegriffe aus allen Bereichen der Medizin, Zahnmedizin, Pharmazie und Pharmakologie? Der Große Reuter lässt keine Frage offen!

Im Band Deutsch-Englisch finden Sie

- 160.000 Fachtermini, Abkürzungen und Akronyme mit ca. 400.000 Übersetzungen

- 3.500 Anwendungsbeispiele und Redewendungen

- Angabe von Silbentrennung und unregelmäßigen Pluralformen.

Ein unverzichtbares Wörterbuch für Sprachstudenten, Fachübersetzer, Mediziner, Pharmakologen, Pharmazeuten, Apotheker, Zahnmediziner, Medizin- und Wissenschaftsjournalisten!

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This booklet recognizes the significance of adopting a scientific method of figuring out occlusion, and that it may be a tough topic to appreciate. we know it truly is there and significant, yet, because it is hard to visualize, it could actually occasionally be demanding to understand this value. Dentists no matter what their history, may have assorted views as to how occlusion impacts their scientific perform. The authors, a health practitioner (AN) a restorative advisor (FSN) and senior lecturers (JGS and RWW) have built-in their wisdom and event to stress the typical ground.

Rather than commence with a few dry definitions, we've got thought of a few events within which the occlusion motives harm to enamel or restorations; harm that's at all times brought on by occlusal instability, parafunction or either. For the entire theoretical occlusal techniques which were written approximately through the years, harm from occlusion is what truly concerns. in lots of instances this is often iatrogenic. an exceptional dentist must know the way to realize, deal with and keep away from such problems.

To describe how the occlusion is linked to day by day difficulties, we have now defined and illustrated the prospective underlying mechanisms, steadily introducing the reader to big occlusal suggestions and definitions.

We frequently consider occlusal harm affecting restorations, tooth, assisting tissues and the masticatory method, yet, as defined in bankruptcy 1, occlusion may also harm a convention. give some thought to the placement which occurs all too more often than not while a crown takes hours, or what sounds like hours, to slot. recognition to element with impressions, jaw files, articulation and provisional restorations is required to avoid such frustration. the improvement of excellent perform in all of those parts will gain any dentist desirous to extend their medical wisdom and services in occlusion.

Chapters 2 and three specialise in the consequences of functionality and parafunction respectively. general functionality can harm susceptible restorations yet poorly contoured restorations can intrude with functionality, which extra raises the chance of wear and tear. Parafunction consists of huge forces which can wreak havoc with either the teeth and restorations. bankruptcy four offers suggestion on conforming with, or reorganising an occlusion.

Chapters five, 6 and seven explores unique concerns of occlusion in terms of the periodontium, the availability of implant restorations and temporomandibular issues (TMD). it truly is generally recognized that almost all of TMDs don't have an occlusal aetiology. however, there are occasions whilst occlusal components are very proper and dentists want to know the best way to establish and deal with them.

The ultimate bankruptcy, bankruptcy eight, is the longest within the e-book. It comprises info of assorted occlusal ideas, together with occlusal exam, recording jaw relationships, articulator selection, diagnostic waxing, copying anterior advice, occlusal splints and occlusal adjustment.

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Aggregate, aggregation 2. : 1. AGK-Test 2. : 1. Argentum nitricum 2. Höllenstein 3. Silbernitrat Algnolsie f: agnosia akustische Agnosie: sensory deaf-mutism, acoustic ag- 32 nosia, auditory agnosia auditive Agnosie: auditive agnosia ideatorische Agnosie: ideational agnosia optische Agnosie: visual agnosia, optical agnosia, optic agnosia partielle akustische Agnosie: partial acoustic agnosia, partial auditory agnosia taktile Agnosie: tactile agnosia, tactile amnesia, astereognosis, astereocognosy visuelle Agnosie: ➙optische Agnosie visuell-räumliche Agnosie: visual-spatial agnosia zeitliche Agnosie: time agnosia Algnolstelrin nt: agnosterol Algnosltilker m: agnostic Algnosltilkelrin f: agnostic algnosltisch adj: relating to agnosia, agnostic, agnostical Algomlphilalsis f, pl -ses: agomphiasis, agomphosis algolnaldal adj: agonadal Algolnaldislmus m: agonadism algolnal adj: agonal Algolnie f: agony Algolnist m: 1.

Antihistamin 4. : 1. Amperestunde 2. : 1. akute hämorrhagische Konjunktivitis 2. Aminohexylcellulose 3. : 1. angeborene Hüftdysplasie 2. : 1. akute hämorrhagische Enzephalitis 2. akute hypertensive Enzephalopathie 3. : 1. angeborener Herzfehler 2. Antihämophiliefaktor 3. : 1. ambulante Herzgruppe 2. antihämophiles Globulin 3. : 1. akute herpetische Gingivostomatitis 2. : Antihumanlymphozytenserum Ahn m: father, forefarther, ancestor ahlnen vt: anticipate, foresee; guess, sense; suspect ähnllich adj: similar, like, alike; homologous, homogenous, homological; analogous (mit to, with) Ähnllichlkeit f: 1.

1. Agglutinationshemmungsreaktion 2. : 1. Antihyaluronidasetest 2. Antihyaluronidasetiter 3. : 1. Adhäsionsindex 2. Anaphylatoxininaktivator 3. Aorteninsuffizienz 4. artifizielle Insemination 5. Atemwegsinfekt 5. : 1. akute intermittierende Porphyrie 2. akute interstitielle Pneumonie 3. : 1. adrenerges Inhibitionssystem 2. : 1. Agglutinationsimmobilisationstest 2. akute Intensivtherapie 3. analytischer Intelligenztest 4. : 1. Absorptionskoeffizient 2. Acetatkinase 3. Adenylatkinase 4. Antikoagulans 5.

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