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By Gilles Deleuze, Claire Parnet

French journalist Claire Parnet's recognized dialogues with Gilles Deleuze supply an intimate portrait of the philosopher's lifestyles and inspiration. Conversational in tone, their attractive discussions delve deeply into Deleuze's philosophical heritage and improvement, the most important suggestions that formed his paintings, and the essence of a few of his well-known relationships, specially his lengthy collaboration with the thinker Felix Guattari. Deleuze reconsiders Spinoza, empiricism, and the stoics along literature, psychoanalysis, and politics. He returns to the notions of teenybopper literature, deterritorialization, the severe and scientific, and starts a nascent learn of cinema.

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Environmental Culture: The Ecological Crisis of Reason

Environmental tradition and the main issue of reason
Culture as opposed to techno-optimism: cause to the rescue?
Adding ecology: ecohumanities perspectives

1 The ecological quandary of reason
The penguin’s story
Modern heirs of rationalism
Dualism and monetary rationalism
Blindspots of rationalism: the fisheries case
A gendered time table: neither rational, ecological or ethical

2 Rationalism and the anomaly of science
The double face of science
Disengagement as sado-dispassionate practice
The subject/object divide and the paradox of science
Resolving the anomaly of technology: integrating the ‘two cultures’
Anthropocentrism and anthropomorphism

3 The politics of ecological rationality
The rationality of the EcoRepublic
The politics of rationality
Remoteness and decision
Remoteness, autarchy and spatial scale

4 Inequality and ecological rationality
Liberal democracy and ecological rationality
Beyond liberal democracy: deliberative modifications
Beyond deliberative democracy
The ecological rationality of procedural and participatory democracy

5 The blindspots of centrism and human self-enclosure
Rationalism and human-centredness
The logical constitution of centrism
A parallel liberation version of anthropocentrism
Economic centrism: nature as type and resource
The centric parallel as a pragmatic model
Otherising as an obstacle to justice
The prudential blindspots of anthropocentrism

6 Philosophy, prudence and anthropocentrism
Is demanding anthropocentrism inappropriate and unhelpful?
Is human-centredness inevitable? The predicament of prudential argument
Is human-centredness inevitable? The argument from standpoint
Selfishness and cosmic irrelevance
Recognition, prudence and survival

7 The ethics of commodification
Commodification and person/property dualism
Minimalist methodologies of closure
Animal rights and vegetarian duties
Rationalism, manufacturing facility farming and use/respect dualism

8 in the direction of a dialogical interspecies ethics
Decentring human-centred ethics
Ranking, dualism and heterogeneity
Ranking and interspecies egalitarianism
Framework stances and the parable of mindlessness
Intentionality and ethical value
The intentional reputation stance and non-humans
Opening up interspecies ethics
Communicative interspecies ethics

9 solidarity, unity and deep ecology
The foundation of unity: id or difference?
Solidarity and oppressive techniques of unity
Unity and the political idea of deep ecology
The ecological enlightenment of the fellow of property
Is there an eco-socialist deep ecology?

10 in the direction of a materialist spirituality of place
Is spirituality extra fundamental?
‘Materialism’ and spirit/matter dualism
Human-centred spiritualities
Indigenous critiques
Trickster spirituality: the realm as agent
Place-based spirituality as oppositional practice

11 end

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