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By Robert F. Davis

This glorious, in-depth assessment of diamond motion pictures and coatings covers their houses, development, deposition, characterization, and purposes. The 8 chapters are written via specialists of their box. Early reviews on man made diamonds have been performed within the Fifties and Sixties, even though, their use and significance weren't well-known till the past due Seventies and early Eighties. those coatings are actually getting used in extreme temperature and tribological purposes, optics and electro-optics purposes, and definitely organic purposes.

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Nerad and J. E. Cheney. ) Francis P. Bundy received his Doctorate degree from Ohio qtate University in 1937, and stayed on as a faculty member until 1942. After four years at Harvard he joined General Electric in 1946, where he worked on the physics of high pressure and various other physics problems until his retirement. Herbert M. D. from Ohio State University, worked for 10 years with the Kendall Co. and also joined General Electric in 1946. His main areas of interest have been crystal growth and the properties of diamond.

Natural diamonds not only contain heterogeneous impurities and microcracks that lead to anisotropic wearout, but the single crystal itself is anisotropic in its hardness (wear resistance). Since fine grain polycrystalline diamond films are much less anisotropic, they will exhibit better wear properties than do the single crystal dies now in use. Hole cutting for such dies typically uses a yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) laser although the etching process described in Sec. 2 (Moths Eye “Coating”) may also be used.

Wentorf, Jr. obtained his Ph:D. in Chemistryat the University of Wisconsin in 1952; at that time he joined General Electric and has since worked on a variety of chemical and physical problems. In 1957 he achieved the high pressure growth of cubic boron nitride crystals, a chemical analog of diamond. H. Tracy Halls biography is given in the next section. Patent applications were begun immediately; based on the filing data given within these patents, the scheme of Table 1 can be constructed. As new information arose, there were several abandonments and re-filings, and the iron, nickel, and tantalum of the first claims (stated to be catalysts but now believed to act as solvents) (14)-were quickly joined by other elements and alloys.

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