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Opposite to an assumption easy to ecu and chinese language history-the stories of Marco Polo's trip to China-Frances wooden argues that he not just by no means went to China, yet most likely by no means ventured prior his kinfolk domestic at the Black Sea. in its place, his mind's eye fueled by means of tales garnered from different investors and with the aid of a ghostwriter, Polo could easily have sought to take advantage of the growing to be call for for stories of far-off lands. via rigorously analyzing the Polo relations heritage, Marco Polo's actions as a service provider, the education of his e-book, and the imperial chinese language files, wooden attempts to reconcile a couple of inconsistencies that make clear what should be in simple terms a rare and enduring delusion.

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28 This demonstrated the extremely varied use of vocabulary, and led the analyst to the conclusion that a second ghost writer might have taken over at one point. This is difficult to prove definitively for none of the texts analysed are 'original*, none in Marco Polo's own hand. Given the lapse of time and the fast-expanding medieval development of knowledge 47 Did Marco Polo g» to China? about the East, we can only conclude that surviving versions include interpolations by others into some base text which, as Benedetto has demonstrated, is long lost and known only through copies of copies.

Pelliot worked with an Englishman, A. C. Moule, on a new translation of the Description of the World, which was inspired by the recent discovery of the early fifteenthcentury Latin version, the Toledo manuscript', with its exciting new contents.

He 20 Missionaries nose to tail intended to lake them home for burial, but, finding himself becalmed and despairing on his way to China by sea, he threw a martyr's skull into the water waves: a wind immediately sprang up and blew the ship onwards to Canton. There he said he saw enormous geese, like those weighing twentyfour pounds described by Marco Polo in Fujian province (a little further up the coast). 14 Odoric noted fishing cormorants and women with bound feet and, when in %ngzhou, described the Franciscan house there (whose fathers were presumably responsible for the design of Katherine of Vilione's tombstone).

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