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By Anthony J. Martin

What if we awakened one morning all the dinosaur bones on this planet have been long past? How could we all know those iconic animals had a165-million yr historical past on the earth, and had tailored to all land-based environments from pole to pole? What clues will be left to parent not just their presence, but additionally to profit approximately their intercourse lives, elevating of younger, social lives, strive against, and who ate who? What would it not take for us to grasp how briskly dinosaurs moved, whether or not they lived underground, climbed timber, or went for a swim? Welcome to the realm of ichnology, the research of lines and hint fossils corresponding to tracks, trails, burrows, nests, toothmarks, and different vestiges of habit and the way via those amazing clues, we will be able to discover and intuit the wealthy and complex lives of dinosaurs. With a special, detective-like method, examining the forensic clues of those long-extinct animals that depart a far richer legacy than bones, Martin brings the wild international of the Mesozoic to lifestyles for the twenty-first century reader."

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