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Hadoop: The Definitive Guide (4th Edition)

Prepare to release the facility of your facts. With the fourth variation of this entire consultant, you’ll find out how to construct and continue trustworthy, scalable, dispensed structures with Apache Hadoop. This ebook is perfect for programmers seeking to research datasets of any measurement, and for directors who are looking to manage and run Hadoop clusters.

Ludwig von Mises on Money and Inflation

Within the Sixties, Ludwig von Mises lectured frequently on funds and inflation. Bettina Bien Greaves used to be there taking shorthand. She has been operating to transcribe them for a long time. eventually the consequences are right here and they're fantastic.

To have this paintings is like having Mises as your deepest educate, telling you approximately cash and inflation in an off-the-cuff environment and in undeniable language. he's the prophet of the twentieth century on those subject matters, and right here he provides his whole apparatus.

True, this e-book isn't technically by way of Mises. it's not whatever he signed off on. yet they're his lectures, and so they supply a glimpse into the workings of a big brain on a subject matter that's an important to our destiny.

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6 billion to handily top Wall Street estimates. After that performance, Oracle launched the trash talk in its earnings statement. To wit: Oracle President Charles Phillips: “We’re rapidly taking applications market share from SAP. Q1 was the second consecutive quarter that Oracle’s applications new license sales growth was 80 percent or more. ” CEO Larry Ellison: “SAP appears to be rethinking their strategy as they lose application market share to Oracle and confront the difficulties of moving their application software to a modern [service-oriented architecture, or SOA].

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