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By Kwang Sun Choi

This e-book publications the reader to the rising Ecozoic period whilst people should be current upon the Earth in a collectively bettering demeanour. certainly, this ebook demands an Ecozoic spirituality that's well timed and lots more and plenty wanted. It additionally illustrates a huge course for theology and spirituality and for deep ecumenism that's but to be totally discovered and opens extra doorways for such dialogue.
By giving distinct recognition to the quintessential courting between God, the cosmos, and humanity, the works of Thomas Berry (1914-2009, united states) and Zhou Dunyi (1017-1073, China) offer insights that talk to the present ecological difficulty, a cosmological context for constructing an Ecozoic spirituality, whereas aiding to strengthen transparent values and moral parameters that bring about a extra actual human presence on the earth.

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Humanity needs to acquire Merton’s awareness of the sacredness of creation and his intimate relationship with the rest of creation. Also, his spiritual vision of communion that comes through his experience of the natural world leaves little room to doubt that to plunder the natural world is to violate the sacredness of creation. In addition, our reawakening to the universe as a communion of subjects, which Berry refers to as the primary task for an Ecozoic era, is anticipated in Merton’s mystical experience of Zen-mind and the non-dualistic vision of East Asia.

Procedure After presenting the background of this book in the Introduction, I will provide a limited analysis of the current ecological crisis and of Christian responses to this crisis. I will subsequently argue that Christian responses to the contemporary ecological crisis would significantly benefit from a functional and ecological spirituality grounded in Berry’s and Zhou’s cosmologies. Then I will present the cosmology, anthropology, and spirituality of Berry and Zhou in order to weave a functional cosmology informed by these authors.

Accordingly, spiritual communities after the Black Death perceived the plague as a punishment from God for the wickedness of the world. Believers became overwhelmingly concerned with repentance, withdrawal from the world, and the quest to redeem its wickedness. Others sought a better understanding of the laws governing the mechanisms of creation to flourish within those laws and perhaps ultimately to control them. These responses prompted either an overemphasis on redemption spiritualities or an alliance with a mechanistic worldview and an extractive economy.

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