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52 - Regular Nickel & Copy Chrome Plating Copy Chrome is a nickel cobalt alloy. The kit is the same formula as regular nickel, except that there is an addition of cobalt salts. These salts make the plate a ‘bluer’ color, and harden the finish. Other than that, the system is identical, so to conserve space in this manual we are using the same instructions for both set-ups. TO MAKE UP the Regular Nickel or Copy Chrome SOLUTION. 5 - 6 AMPS REQUIRED PER SQ. 5 - 4 The chemicals are supplied pre weighed and ready to mix into distilled water.

If there were no repairs to make, you would not need the 'strike' coat, so you would simply nickel plate, then maybe, chrome plate the part. Example of a plating procedure, on a pitted steel part. Degrease in the SP DEGREASER Rinse Pickle in PICKLE # 1 Rinse FLASH COPPER for 10-15 mins (Strike) Rinse BRIGHT ACID Copper Plate for 30 + mins Rinse Solder any pits, Sand down Buff with Emery & Sisal Wheel Degrease in the SP DEGREASER Rinse FLASH Copper Plate for 15 mins Rinse Buff to a high quality shine cotton/brown bar Degrease in the SP DEGREASER Rinse Nickel Plate for 45 mins Buff with cotton wheel & White bar Degrease with SP DEGREASER Rinse Chrome Plate Buff with Canton wheel and Blue bar Apply Collinite Metal Wax Rinsing is a very important step.

You will need to obtain 7 fire bricks and a bag of refractory cement from a local fireplace store. The ingots of CASWELL metal supplied are high quality, low temperature melting (6500F), and non corroding. It will accept any of our plating systems. High quality detail will be reproduced using this metal. Replacement ingots can be purchased separately. A special, high quality PETRO BOND mold sand is supplied. The fine mesh size of the sand allows for sharp definition of detail to be obtained from the original.

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